The Savage Wolves of modern Religion 
The Spirit of Error!

"IF ANYONE Comes to you and DOES NOT bring THIS DOCTRINE (the doctrine that is according to godliness, 1Tim6:5) DO NOT receive him into your house nor greet him, for he who greets him shares in his evil deeds!" 1John 10-11

"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits!" Matt7:15

This is a Work in Progress! The System is overrun with an ARMY of False Teachers leading Millions into the Spirit of Error. They use the Scriptures to teach a Pagan Doctrine derived out of third Century Rome! Dubbed: 'Reformed Theology' ..... This includes a very slick, and sophisticated version of Satisfaction Doctrine based on a Substitution theory developed by a Catholic Bishop over a thousand years ago! The Modern version dates from the Reformation (1500-1800) and is based on a Moral Transfer, Pre-forgiveness of Sin, Rewards issue and Eternal Security. (all explained to great detail in our articles and videos) To Various degrees of influence this form of False Doctrine is Preached and Taught Worldwide, inside the System of Churches, Seminaries, Bible Colleges, publishing houses and dominates the airwaves. Many further confuse the issue by Mixing the theories and introducing partial quotes of early church fathers without actually examining the facts and properly disseminating it against the Word of God. Thus the spirit of error runs rampant throughout the System and more un-discerning victims fall pray to the Swelling Words of emptiness and follow these teachers down the Wide Road to Destruction. It is our sincere desire to shine the Light of Truth into this Darkness and wake you up before it's too late.
You will be Shocked to find Many of your Favorite and Famous Teachers on this list. Perhaps even your own Pastors and Church Leaders! But the Truth is not always Pleasant. Often times it Cuts you to the heart! Therefore DON'T Say that you can SEE, if the Light in you is Really Darkness....then How GREAT is that Darkness! SO:

AWAKE to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame. 1Cor15:34

How to recognize a Savage Wolf:
1) They are 'Known by their Fruits', Matt7:15-20 (Rotten Fruit!)
2) They Preach themselves! Their entire ministry revolves around self-promotion.
3) They handle the Word of God deceitfully with much craftiness. 2Cor4:2-3
4) They Peddle the Word of God for money. 2Cor2:17, 1Tim6:5
5) They reject the Doctrine that is according to godliness. 1Tim6:1-5
6) They will exploit you with great swelling words of emptiness & Promise you Liberty in your sins! 2Pet2:1-3, 18-19
7) With flattering speech they will deceive the hearts of the new convert! Rom16:18
8) Summary of License to Sin teaching


Audio Clips from the Wolves Mouth!


Present Day Spirit of Error:



 Pat Robertson is NOT preaching the truth! Click on this link and see for yourself


 Rick Warren, his 'Purpose Driven' teaching is sweeping the nation and the world! Don't be deceived by his 'form' of godliness. His seminar style presentation may be slick, upbeat and inspiring, but it's certainly NOT of God, it's about money and worldly gain.  Several LINKS Follow....


 Billy Graham, For more than thirty years Mr. Graham has been spreading his 'gospel of sin.' Although he may be of the utmost integrity and moral fiber in our society, he is NOT preaching 'Strive to enter by the Narrow Way' nor is he warning the people that 'continuing' in sin will be ruinous to their souls. Thousands if not millions of people have been duped into 'believing' they have salvation because they have responded to one of his huge altar calls and repeated some words. In fact if a detailed record of all his massive crusades were revealed, from beginning to now, chances are likely that the 'responders' over time would equal almost the entire population the United States! Yet the moral climate of our country has only gotten worse over the past four decades. If all these people were indeed 'saved,' as Mr. Graham and thousands of other preachers like him believe, WHY is our nation awash in pornography, violence and sexual immorality? The EVIDENCE speaks for itself to any honest observer. Preach a message designed to keep people in bondage to their sin nature and tell them that nothing can be done to prevent daily sin in thought, word and deed, and you have your answer. Churches that have 'known the depths of Satan' (Rev2:24) and wallow in sexual immorality.

 Charles Swindoll, This wolf is fond of saying that you can 'deny Christ and He WON'T deny you!' Sadly he has lead millions astray with this false message of 'Grace.' He is exactly what Jude3-4 warned us about so long ago, 'ungodly men who turn the Grace of our God into LICENSE for immorality!'

 Greg Laurie, Another false teacher so prevalent today. This one preaches a blatantly perverted 'man-centered' gospel and his popularity is soaring. A quick internet search will reveal much of his false teaching. He is a 'ravenous wolf' dressed in sheep's clothing, beware of his 'gospel of sin!'

 Josh McDowell, The Personification of Matt7:15! Dressed in 'sheep's clothing' his appeal is overwhelming to the church of today. He is slick, well-groomed, professionally polished and VERY smooth. He has overthrown the faith of millions and is working on millions more. His influence is prolific, with dozens of books and articles to his credit and thousands of TV and radio appearances. The 'gospel of sin' (he promotes) is in great demand today and this Wolf is glad to oblige and collect the 'wages of unrighteousness'.

 Charles Stanley. Here's a Wolf who preaches the EXACT Opposite of what the Bible has to say about sin, redemption and inheriting the kingdom, but millions follow him blindly down the Path to Destruction! Read his own quotes and be amazed how easily people are deceived into believing a false gospel and supporting the devil's ministry.

 Adrian Rogers. Just more of the same. Another perfect example of the License to sin religion being preached far and wide today across our airwaves and in the churches. The question is NEVER 'how can I live a live pleasing unto the Lord, blameless in His sight, in sincerity and truth.' It's always 'HOW MUCH sin can I get away with and still make it in!' These men are quick to oblige with the ear pleasing answer. No matter how much they have to twist the Scriptures or pervert the truth, nothing is too much to protect their precious 'false' doctrine of eternal security.

 Ray Comfort. This one is very slick. He has crossed over many denominational barriers with his 'Hell's best kept secret' series, inhich he singles out modern evangelism for failing to preach the law to bring about conviction of sin and godly repentance. Although it sounds good, underneath lurks the 'monster' of eternal security! He effectively uses the smoke screen of 'they were never saved to begin with' to imply that those Born of God can never die! (spiritually) Even though Scripture NEVER makes this distinction but states Clearly that those who 'DO' such things, (as sexual immorality, drunkenness, etc) WILL NOT inherit the Kingdom!' 1Cor6:9-10. It would stand to reason that since these things are written in the Bible to 'followers' of Christ, that the writer is WARNING believers that certain types of behavior will keep them OUT of the Kingdom. This issue of salvation (true or false) is not in question here, only the FACT that sin will KILL you Spiritually, that's the warning.



Famous False Teachers of the Past: